Gun Mayhem - The Classical Shoot Game Kids Love to Play

Every kid is born with the love of sniper games; in the case of girls, the loved toy is often a doll and in the case of a boy, that loved is normally a gun. In this advance age of science and technology, everything has become digital, including the toys of kids. These days kids prefer to sit in front of their computer screens and play guns games rather than any other game or toy. The game that has been hugely popular among kids is Gun Mayhem. The best thing about this game is that four players can play this game at one time. This makes it a party game. You can play this game in your birth day party with all your friends and make your time memorable.

Gun Mayhem has excellent graphics and you will definitely love its high arena action style. This is basically a shoot game that makes it the classical love of kids. This game supports four players at a single time, so there is an option for you to either fight with your friends or the A1 in the battle field of arena. The scenario presented in Gun Mayhem is of a battle field. The player has to fight with the other and kill them in order to get their weapons and maps. The killed people will disappear from the screen.

This game has excellent quality graphics, and it has four game modes. The player can choose any mode of his choice or he may play on a different mode always for the sake of a change. These modes are: Last Man Standing, Duck Defence, Gun Game and One Shoot One Kill. Each mode has its own peculiarity and speciality.  They all are to die for. Another interesting thing to note is that Gun Mayhem use over 60 firearms; this is the central attraction of this game.

While playing Gun Mayhem, you can never get bored because it has a dozen maps for the players to fight one. The player gets a variety of twelve different maps to fight on. Another exciting feature of Gun Mayhem is that it allows the player to customize the characters. A player can select any character that will represent him and then customize it according to his own choice. Not only the characters can be customized according to the choice of player but also the control can be edited and changed as per the choice of the player from the option menu.